20 June 2010

Jesus don't like all that stuff...

My experience.
On the train, packed like sardines in a tin. A young black woman talking into her mobile phone at high volume.

'Nah, well I told him that I can't see him anymore cos I gotta another love that I love more than him.'
'Yeah, he didn't wanna understand that because of my love for Jesus I gotta break it off.'
'Yeah, well the Pastor told me that Jesus takes care of everything in his own time and that I should
make sure that I am only serving Jesus in the right way.'
I know. I know. I love him and all dat and he makes me feel good, Girl! He knows all the moves!! [laughs] But I gotta stop all that behaviour cos Jesus don't like all that stuff.'


The New Black Woman said...

I hear black women say that kind of crap all the time. Pledging their love for someone who doesn't exist is nothing short of a disaster.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Or it just might be a convenient way to dump a not-so-perfect boyfriend.