29 September 2008

Whatever Happens Next...?

If the economic situation wasn't so serious you could be forgiven (if you live in the US) for thinking you were in the middle of a bad soap opera or comedy.
The problem is it isn't amusing in the slightest. This temporary pause in the bail-out plans is just that - temporary. A bail-out of some kind will be pushed through. The Federal Reserve and associated cronies will not be blamed for the economic catastrophe the US is currently facing.

A few concerned economists are raising their voices in horror at the bare-faced codswallop being used to justify the theft of tax-payers money on a 'project' which will not work. Once this plan has been approved it is speculated that by the end of the year the situation would become 'perilous' all over again.

This is a prime example of the benefits of deferred gratification - go through any necessary pain now for gains later, not the other way round. The 'Buy Now, Pay Later' mentality is how the country has found it self in the situation it is in now.

People need to move into a different mindset: if you can't afford it now, then save for it. I know some people are saying that businesses need credit and there is currently a log-jam in the systems that could affect jobs, etc. My question is: Why create jobs based on instability? Once the markets crash they will sort themselves out. A level will be found which will be more inclusive and based on real products rather than candyfloss, paper money with nothing to support or back it up and hype.
We will see how things pan out over the next few days, but it seems People Power has reared its head a little - enough to cause the criminal fraternity to pause and regroup.
Interesting times, indeed.

22 September 2008

America is in Trouble

Big trouble.

If you have spent the last 30 minutes watching CNN like I have you would imagine this financial crisis that is threatening to cause financial meltdown was just a slight blip - for all the 3 minutes it was given. Quick switch to the Emmy's as various women parade their diamonds and gowns with a twirl. Quick switch to the OJ Simpson trial - such great entertainment!
America, People, you are in TROUBLE!
With the President pushing for an agreement (to use $700 billion of taxpayers money) to be signed without delay, this undue haste should give the thinking person pause for thought. Who will this deal benefit? What stake will the American people have in the companies being bailed out using tax payers money? - I mean 'what's in it for you?'
There are so many other questions to be asked but let me highlight one issue that let's me know that should this agreement be signed on behalf of the people of the USA then the problems will only just be beginnning.

Section 8 of the agreement (as it stands) states that Paulson will be given unfettered ability to do as he pleases without being reviewed or investigated by any court of law or any organization.

Section 8. Review.

Decisions made by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

Do you know what this means? Do you understand how it gives the criminals and their cronies (yes, that is what they are) the right to steal from you and the mouths of your great-grandchildren, whilst you, the citizens of today raise nary an eyebrow as they chortle all the way to their money mountains, slapping each other on the back.

America is ruled by criminals. From the Federal Reserve (an organization which is illegal according to the American constitution, but who cares?) to the President and work your way downwards. Criminals.
Most of the people of the USA just go along with it, shaking their heads as they struggle to stay in their homes, pay medical bills and find cheaper food. They switch on Dancing with the Stars, CNN, CSI, Fox and Oprah to escape the awfulness of reality.
'America is a great country! Be Proud! Be patriotic! Leaders of the Free World!' as the world looks on with a knowing twinkle. The so called 'Third World' countries who have been assessed by Bear Stearns, S&P scales and slapped about the head with a report drawn up to show just how badly a country was faring against 'high standards' set by Bear Stearns. These reports decided how credit worthy a country was and impacted on how much a country could borrow and the rate of interest that would be set. Powerful reports coming out of a country that was effectively bankrupt. Lula of Brazil couldn't resist a rather slight snigger last week at the irony and preposterousness of it all.

America is in trouble, People.

Here's what needs to happen:

1. The people need to rise up and go out into the streets and let their politicians know that they refuse to allow themselves to be pimped anymore.

2. The Federal Reserve needs to be disbanded. The power should be returned to the people.

3. The people should decide what happens after the system corrects itself.

4. All Acts enacted which was not in the interest of the people should be immediately scratched from the Statute books and new laws introduced which place the future leaders as servants of the people.

5. Membership of a secret societies should be deemed to be against the interest of the people.

[I haven't placed the above points in any order and these are just some of the changes that I believe may enable America to rise from the ashes of a system which was for the benefit of the few. I am an expert in very few areas and I am not promoting myself as such in this discussion.
I do ask that people think about the bigger picture.]

Let me make clear: I am advocating people get off their bottoms/asses/butts, pick up the phone, talk to their elected representatives and make it very clear how this deal is not in the interest of the people. I am advocating people write to the media and ask why they are not producing news items which inform the people rather than entertain. Why they don't ask real questions.
I am advocating people march into Washington and tell those in power that enough is enough. Forget waiting on Obama or McCain - they are agents of the criminals, so implicitly criminals themselves. They are in the positions to become possible Presidents because they have agreed to work to the betterment of the Rockefellers, the global elite, etc. You are a pawn.
But collectively you are pawns with more power than you realize. Of course there will be painful times ahead. Of course there may be global meltdown but it is necessary to rid the system of the infestations which have sucked your blood, given you false hopes, focused the country on trivia whilst siphoning the goodies away from the people, leaving crumbs and laws which infringe your basic human rights whilst encouraging you to not think for yourself.

As you walk down the street past houses with 'Foreclosure' writ large, as you walk past new tent cities, as you walk past schools where the kids can hardly read or write after 2 years of attendance - think about this deal. Think about how much you have been conned in the past and ask yourself if you really believe Bush when he says this has to be signed now as it is in the best interest of the people.
Ask yourself where the real power is. If it is not with you then America is in big trouble.

Think about it.

20 September 2008

Quote for Today...

"The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our Constitution...if the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

---Thomas Jefferson---

15 September 2008

Invasion of Privacy

Staying on the same theme of 'Big Brother', invasion of privacy and the like, let me bring to your attention (if you are not already aware) of a few examples of Big Brother at work in the UK.

The Guardian newspaper in the UK has written a piece stating that in the near future 50m car licence plates will be captured on camera - in short, all movements by vehicles will be tracked. The data will be stored and therefore used by the 'authorities' for up to five years. Some of the reasons given are to...wait for it...fight terrorism.
That isn't the worst thing about this. The worst, most horrifying thing is 'pilot studies' have already been and are already being conducted on 10m vehicles and the UK citizens have allowed this to happen. A few murmurs here and there but nothing major. Nothing to stop the creeping surveillance being inflicted on people.

Now that people are being affected by a 'shock' recession, higher food prices, higher heating bills, higher water bills, higher mortgages, a housing market that has crashed so houses remain unsold if not offered at bargain bottom prices, higher public transport costs, more unemployment as employers lay off workers, higher rates of depression and anxiety, etc. etc. What better time to tighten the screws, to tell the misguided, weakened, forlorn populace about the new measures being introduced to protect them from 'Al Quaeda' (an imaginary organisation dreamt up and created by those who know better)?

And then there are the ID cards: The Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, has warned against the introduction of them and has cast severe doubt about the usefulness and purpose of monitoring people to the degree that is being proposed by the government.
Millions of individuals' personal data has gone missing over the last few years - stored on Cd's, flash drives, hard drives and laptops - personal data regarding prisoners, child benefit claimants, drivers and so on.

What worries me is how can the government guarantee that personal data about me will be kept securely and only divulged to the minimum number of persons under specified circumstances? Not that I agree to any data of this type being stored about me, but how could they assure me that a centralised database is safe? How will they use this information and why do they need to collect it from me in the first place?
I am aware of someone who paid a private detective to obtain print-outs of the bank statements of another person they were in dispute with. A fee was paid and the documents were received. The person who entered the bank database and obtained the requested information was a bank employee, someone who had been vetted and was a trusted person but had a nice little earner on the side. Just one example.

The fact that a government minister or their agents tell me that my information is safe with them gives me no comfort, in fact, it is the stuff of nightmares, actually. That the state feels it necessary to gather data on the masses to that degree presents serious long-term problems for the people and we seem not to care very much.

So...my point is that if people don't wake up and wake up soon the police state will have gained such a firm hold that it will be difficult to turn the clock back and reject the impositions that will affect generations to come. If you have children...think about it. Not to scare you into submission nor action but just to at least think about it. It is happening and it is happening now.

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10 September 2008

Facebook Exposed?

It is easy to be part of one group who closes their ears and eyes to infringements of personal liberties or to be someone who sees 'conspiracy' around every corner.
I post this video more to stimulate a debate, to encourage people to think about how the information we post about ourselves on the internet may be used by others.

I encourage you to spare the time to watch this short video. Let me know what you think.

Facebook Exposed...

02 September 2008

The Sarah Palin Saga

Someone asked my opinion of the current saga raging regarding Sarah Palin, her daughter's pregnancy and John McCain's choice of VP.
I have to say first and foremost that I am of the firm belief that the 'shadow government' are laughing their socks off at the frenzy being created. It must give them great mirth, something to chortle over whilst dining, to watch and hear the heated ping-pong of debates for and against Sarah Palin and co.
I've seen this before. It's called 'distraction'. Keep the masses occupied whilst plans are being made to create even more chaos in the world. 'They won't notice' - and true to form we don't.
This may sound pessimistic but I prefer to keep my eyes on the real deal rather than hyped issues of irrelevance. I use the word irrelevance because both major parties represents 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. No major difference.
It's like watching a popular nasty soap opera, or American Idol or Big Brother - you are viewed as a party pooper if you don't have a detailed opinion on it all, if you state that it is all much of a muchness and makes no real difference to anything. Vote red or blue or independent and the underlying problems will still be there. The only change will be on how you perceive things. Nothing else.
So you have a choice: to continue to feed ignorance or take a long, rational look behind the smoke and mirrors. It's up to you. It's your call.