27 April 2008

A Doggie Week

I must apologise. This week has been quite hectic for me and it sometimes difficult to give as much attention to your blog as you need to (fellow bloggers will no doubt agree with me!). I spent a lot of time doing research for the 'Black Atheists/Freethinkers Series' which will be coming up shortly. Reading, thinking and trying to tidy up and improve my blog whilst still having a 'normal' life.

Also, this week I made the decision that it would be irresponsible of me to have the adult male dog sniffing around the new pup (6 months old). So off she went to the vet to be spayed. Being quite a doggie person I felt quite anxious about the whole operation. I worried about whether she would die (!), but the vet reassured me that he had done hundreds, if not thousands, of these operations and she seemed like a healthy dog so there should be no problem.

I picked her up at the appointed time after the deed had been done and she seemed eager to jump around and bang into the big dogs as usual once she was home. The vet had given her a couple of stitches and everything seemed to be going well.

Yesterday I noticed an open wound and blood seeping from the cut made during the operation. She had obviously unpicked the stitches. A quick call to the vet (yes, I know it was Sunday morning but this was my doggie!) - he was polite and as professional as ever. He advised that as the opening was so small the best thing to do to close the wound was use...wait for it...superglue. Superglue. It works fine on other dogs where the same thing has happened, he said. Needless to say my dog will be going to the vet tomorrow for new stitches. Yes? I will update you as to how that all goes over the coming days.

But I really enjoy sharing my thoughts, conversing with, connecting with people via my blog and the cyberworld - so I am clearing the decks to re-focus my attention on this very matter. I often read blogs written by women who have 12 children, a business to run or a high pressure job and wonder how they manage to have 3 or 4 successful blogs as well. I am not a superwoman and don't ever intend to be. I enjoy relaxing and thinking too much!!

As I am an avid reader of other people's blogs I will also be highlighting other blogs/posts which I think are interesting from time to time- there are so many good ones out there. I won't limit myself to sites about atheism or any specific topic - only that I must find them interesting.

Here's an example of someone who has a great blog and just doesn't give a flying fig about how people view her - I think she's great. She always challenges me with her uber-frankness, different angles and she is a great writer to boot. Bear in mind that I know nothing about this woman other than via her blog. That's the power of blogging. Here's her link:
Greta Christina's Blog.

There a gazillion blogs out there and each time I discover a new blog I learn something so I thank all of those who take the time and effort to create and share their views through this medium as it a fine example of the threads that connect us as human beings.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Child of empresses who ruled in anccient days, rise up and make your noble ancestors proud with your courage.

ChewMouse said...

I just can't have Annie spayed! By the way, as a nurse, I can tell you that we use superglue in the ER on wounds, it's sterile and very fast and effective. It's especially good for children, who really don't do well with being stitched up! But my Annie dog, she's so tiny, what if they use too much anesthesia? What if they don't use enough? What if she has pain afterward? What if she WANTS children? I'm not kidding, this is a real heart debate for me. Not only that, I would be in a state of panic during her surgery. I must say: you are brave. I am not. But I must make a decision eventually. Or not....

Zee Harrison said...

Life is a never ending learning process - or should be! I have been told/learnt that superglue is great by a few other people since - so thanks for your input too!
I never would have believed that having a doggie spayed would be so difficult until you have to make the decision - I really understand your dilemma! I cannot bear the idea of her having pups when she is just getting her big teeth...(Gulp!)

I don't live by what ancestors have done. I give a small nod to the past but my focus is firmly facing the now - in the moment - and the future. I don't think it is positive for me to live my life based on what my parents, grandparents or even on what happened thousands of years ago. I may die at any moment and so choose to live my life as fully as I possibly can. I hope you do too!