31 March 2010

Observing Love

Recently I attended a jazz brunch at a lovely venue with great food. The 4-piece jazz band whipped up a storm as we ate and we couldn't help following the highs and lows with the music. A few hours spent in the company of a friend  - we desperately needed to catch up on our life experiences and just have a good old laugh, which we did.

The restaurant was within a busy train station and as we left we were both struck by a couple who were stood by the train with their heads together and hands holding the other's head. The embracing couple was one man crying, sobbing with his eyes closed and the other man was whispering comforting words to him. We watched this tender moment and I said, 'We need to see more of that on our streets'. My friend agreed and said, 'On the one hand I am pleased that they felt comfortable enough to ignore the bullshit that the society throws at gay people, but on the other I am scared for them.' I didn't quite understand and she explained that she was worried that someone could see them and cause them physical harm.

Isn't this world fucked up? Here are 2 people who are clearly in love, distressed about leaving each other and yet there's concern that some homophobe might decide to attack them. It is just too sad. So many things going on in the world and yet loving someone of the same sex could get you killed. Right in the centre of London someone had to feel fearful of the consequences of a same-sex embrace.

21 March 2010

Powerful Testimony of the Effects of Religious Sexual Abuse

Brilliantly sad. If there was ever a need to dismantle religion then this is it.
If you comment then I promise to respond.
I will write another post about the Pope's'apology' shortly.