19 June 2010

Child Abuse (6)


Anonymous said...

For those of us that don't buy into the nonsense of religious indoctrination, especially childhood indoctrination, child abuse image #5 is another bottle of beer on the wall of religions.

I tip my hat to you Zee for the ingenious delivery system of your message. No incendiary commentary, no self-righteousness and no plea for money to forward your "cause". You just ask the readers of your blog to look at the images and CRITICALLY THINK!

I’ve taken all of your child abuse images and downloaded them to my cell phone. Several times per month I make them my screensavers, it keeps me on my toes.

For some reason 1skepticalbrother will not register on your comment page. I've gone back to my Google account and tried to reset my password twice with no success.

a.k.a. 1skepticalbrother

Mz.Bria2U said...

Sis..I began to visit your blog a little over a year ago, when I was in the midst of my struggle with christianity, god and all of that crap. I was flirting with the term agnostic, but has since realized I am a total Atheist lol

The isolation I felt as a black atheist was overwhelming, but I was intent on being free to express my non-theistic stance.

I couldn't remember the name of your blog-but as you see, here I am.

I have now learned there is a huuuge following of Atheists on Twitter & Facebook and also Youtube. My mother has practically disowned me-but I'm at total peace. As long as I can wake up and face who I am in the mirror w/out hesitation...all is well in my world.

I say all of that to say, thank you Zee for being a trailblazer in my life-unbeknownst to you. :)

thank u,
Bria :)

Zee Harrison said...

Mz Bria2U,
Thank you for your comment and kind words.
Congratulations on stepping out from under the dark cloud of the supernatural. We are beginning to see the demise of religion, slowly but surely, so I applaud you for being part of the movement for change.

I am surrounded by theists, both family and friends and because I fervently challenge any religious/spiritual stuff that they espouse they now prefer not to discuss anything that remotely touches on the supernatural, but they often forget themselves!
Not that I don't want to discuss it, but if I try to introduce reason and critical thinking then they quickly resort to calling me 'heathen' and other words they view as negative.
I have strong views yet understand the difficulty other atheists/freethinkers experience particularly with loved ones.

Be strong, keep thinking, sharing and connecting. You are not alone!
Kind regards,

Augustine said...

... but put those kids in a NJ public school and require them to sing statist songs to Obama and that's ok?