23 July 2009

'Let's Stay Together' - Al Green

Okay, okay! I agree I must be in a soppy mood. Al Green doesn't sing this version as vocally brilliantly as some of his others I have heard but he whipped the crowd, played with the tune and sat down exhausted and was so on a high that he had to do a little jig at the end. Wonderful.
Do let me know what you think.

I dedicate this to the General. Thank you for being such a wonderful person!

P.S. Lorraine and Jonathan have commented on a previous post - Are Black People Allowed to Critically Analyse Other Black People? - and I have some further thoughts to contribute on this topic - so over the coming days you should see something posted here. I love it when people comment. Thank you all!

08 July 2009

Child Abuse - (2)