28 February 2010

Quote of the Week:

'Humans are evolutionarily designed to be paranoid and they believe in God because they are paranoid.
'This innate bias towards paranoia served humans well when self-preservation and protection of their families and clans depended on extreme vigilance to all potential dangers.
'So, more intelligent children are likely to grow up to go against their natural evolutionary tendency to believe in God and they become atheists.'

             ~ Dr Satoshi Kanazawa
            an evolutionary psychologist from the London School of Economics and Political Science

17 February 2010

'The British' - Benjamin Zephaniah

'The British'

Take some Picts, Celts and Silures 
And let them settle,
Then overrun them with Roman conquerors.

Remove the Romans after approximately 400 years
Add lots of Norman French to some
Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Vikings, then stir vigorously.

Mix some hot Chileans, cool Jamaicans, Dominicans,
Trinidadians and Bajans with some Ethiopians, Chinese,
Vietnamese and Sudanese.

Then take a blend of Somalians, Sri Lankans, Nigerians
And Pakistanis,
Combine with some Guyanese
And turn up the heat.

Sprinkle some fresh Indians, Malaysians, Bosnians,
Iraqis and Bangladeshis together with some
Afghans, Spanish, Turkish, Kurdish, Japanese
And Palestinians
Then add to the melting pot.

Leave the ingredients to simmer.

As they mix and blend allow their languages to flourish
Binding them together with English.

Allow time to be cool.

Add some unity, understanding, and respect for the future,
Serve with justice
And enjoy.

Note: All the ingredients are equally important. Treating one ingredient better than another will leave a bitter unpleasant taste.

Warning: An unequal spread of justice will damage the people and cause pain. Give justice and equality to all.

 - Benjamin Zephaniah    

11 February 2010

'The Catholic Church is a Force for Good in the World' - Debate: Stephen Fry

I enjoy listening to this man. Such an erudite, funny and clever orator. This is an extract from an Intelligence Squared debate and I recommend you spend a little time to hear the contributions from the other participants (the link takes you directly there).
Before you do that, here's a taster.
Stephen makes his point brilliantly and I would be interested to hear if you disagree with his views.

01 February 2010

The Pope - The Bigot

The Pope is coming to the UK this year and just to ensure maximum publicity, he has announced that Britain has put in place laws which discriminate against the religious. He states that equal rights has gone too far basically it is wrong that Christians cannot discriminate against gay and lesbian people!
This should come as no surprise to those of us who know the history of the Catholic Church. Here's a quote from his speech:
"Your country is well known for its firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all members of society. Yet as you have rightly pointed out, the effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve this goal has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs. In some respects it actually violates the natural law upon which the equality of all human beings is grounded and by which it is guaranteed. I urge you as pastors to ensure that the church's moral teaching be always presented in its entirety and convincingly defended. Fidelity to the Gospel in no way restricts the freedom of others – on the contrary, it serves their freedom by offering them the truth. Continue to insist upon your right to participate in national debate through respectful dialogue with other elements in society. In doing so, you are not only maintaining long-standing British traditions of freedom of expression and honest exchange of opinion, but you are actually giving voice to the convictions of many people who lack the means to express them: when so many of the population claim to be Christian, how could anyone dispute the Gospel's right to be heard?"
                                                                                                   Read the whole letter here.

Politics and control screwing up the lives of many and panic setting in as the flocks reduce in numbers             - all wrapped up in superstition for the sheeple.