10 June 2010

Anti-Catholic? Moi?

Here we are in 2010, and as we watch the Catholic Church implode, let us spare a thought for those sheeple placing their shekels in the collection plates each week knowing that the group they have financially supported has covered up child rape and other forms of paedophilic abuse.
The Pope will visit London in the Autumn and he expects to be greeted by a loud group of protestors who have enough of this charade, this parade of nonsense.
The Catholic Church has a limited life span, most cults do - although this has lasted a couple of thousand years so as people move away from the confused, mixed messages we will undoubtedly see the new generations moving towards reason and rationale.
A friend of mine said recently, 'You are anti-Catholic'. I responded: 'No, I'm not anti-Catholic, I'm anti-bullshit.'


Anonymous said...

Zee, I no longer wonder why so many believers don't see, won't see or can't see the forest for the trees. Just like a fish doesn't know that "he's" all wet, religionists don't either. When I "believed" in the Gods of my parents (dad was a Black Muslim and mom was a Baptist), I didn't know either. What was most critical in maintaining maximum wetness (a.k.a. a closed mind) was my complete and unwavering commitment to vanity and self interest. God loves ME! Jesus died for MY SINS! I'M going to live in paradise with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost…FOREVER, because I professed Jesus the Christ as MY PERSONAL Lord and Savior! How incredibly humble of me.

After I exposed myself to some wider culture and mustered enough courage to admit to myself that I really didn't "know" anything...and that mom and dad were quite capable of being wrong, especially when it came to their religious dogmas; I too became anti-bovine scatology.

Something is awry with my google account.

Peace and critical thinking,
Rob H.
a.k.a. 1skepticalbrother

imelda said...

i am a catholic and i detest not other religions.