21 February 2008

What's Going On?

I want to know, having taken a short break from blogging, what the hell is going on?

I mean, here I am thinking that Barack Obama's run for the Democratic Presidential nomination will end and there he goes jogging without breaking too much of a sweat towards the finishing line?
How did that happen? I mean aren't all Americans (even including the black ones) red-necked ignorant racists? Aren't those people supposed to only vote for people because of their colour?
How did America get to the point where big money, hardcore corporate capitalists, chucking shed-loads of cash and favours the way of a black man who has the audacity and nerve to raise his head above the parapet and run for the 'top' job, suddenly promote him as the next President?

Something just doesn't seem right to me. I mean did the KKK just disappear overnight and suddenly embrace him as a 'brother'? Where are the Al Sharptonites? - the groupies who will talk a mile a minute about everything they know nothing about just to get on Tee-Vee? What about all those polarised communities where any black person walking down certain neighbourhoods is liable to have the police called to ask them what they are doing in the area? What about the perceived negative relations between the black and hispanic communities? has everyone had a group hug and high-fived into cultural homogeny?
Maybe they have gravitated towards The Hillary and Bill Show, gnashing their teeth and wailing silently as Bill has shown his true consummate-politician colours and agreeing that it's okay to call him 'Mr President' (on Oprah - of all places) as they fawn over the dying embers of Hillary's phoney campaign.

I'm a bit worried about the media, too. Why are they so supportive of Barack? They never promote someone ad infinitum. Payback time is round the corner, folks. You have seen it before and you will see it again.

Let's get something very clear - if you believe that having a black man running for President is going to make a difference, a real difference, then you need to gen up on a little bit of history. The figurehead of President is just that - a figurehead. A puppet. The powers-that-be are shady characters behind the scene, shadowy figures who like to remain so and fund special private entities who can ensure that the status quo is maintained in their favour. Make no bones about it: On the surface, what a monumental achievement it will be for a 'person of colour' to be President of the USofA but get real - 'business as usual' says the sign on the White House door.