17 March 2009

Sweet Honey in the Rock

Excuse my 2nd consecutive video but for some reason Lisa from blackwomenblowthetrumpet reminded me of when I sang a capella with a touring group many moons ago.
In my humble opinion Sweet Honey In The Rock have superb voices and listening to their recordings does not adequately reveal their talents. Having seen them perform live several times and also performed some of their songs - in a few words - they are good!
Yes, they are supernaturalists and yes, they refer to god and gods and spirituality so often it makes me squirm but...their voices. Have a look at the video and share your thoughts.


jacqueline said...

Wow...I was introduced to Sweet Honey In The Rock in the early nineties and oh did I have a wonderful time drowning in those beautiful melodious voices. I'm impressed that you had a run with them. :-)

The video brought back beautiful memories.

Ralph Dumain said...

I've seen them in person a few times and I was casually acquainted with one of them over two decades ago. Their work has its roots in the civil rights movement. They are still quite political, I'm guessing.

52 Faces said...

Thank you for this!!!

I just got back from chorale practice (I sing with a community college choir) and I just loooove acapella groups - particularly same-gender groups.

That female baritone is AMAZING.

VCSMama said...

I know I'm way late, but I just wanted to add my "Amen!" I was introduced to Sweet Honey in the Rock as a kid back in the early 80's, and my child has been listening to them since he was a newborn. I loooooove them!

Au Naturale said...

They've been to Detroit a few times and their harmony is nothing short of amazing!