23 March 2009

'Kiss My Hand' - The Pope in Africa

The Pope visited Africa. How deeply saddened I am that this crazy institution, the Roman Catholic church, has felt the need to visit several countries to, basically, drum up business. A PR stunt that will work. It will have the desired effect of calling the masses to believe in a corrupt, evil, mega-rich institution with dodgy books being waved around as tenets the masses should live by. And the money rolls in. The poor who can least afford to give away money are told and believe that a god will help the poor who give to one of the richest institutions on this planet.
It would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic, if the consequences didn't last through generations.

They are criminals. They know what they do and they no more believe in a god than they do in fairies. These mind-control freaks are not to be bowed down to, nor should they have their hands kissed. I assume you wouldn't hold a member of the Cosa Nostra in high esteem, so how are these shysters any different?

Not many people know how the Popes are selected. I guess most people believe that a group of people receive a message from 'god' that Mr Blah-Blah should be the next Pope and then - voila- a name is revealed to the world and is then crowned in a blaze of publicity. Well, actually, it is slightly more complicated than that as there are power struggles behind the scene. People jostling to have their names picked out of the celestial ballot box. Arse-licky people sharpen their finest 'sucking up' tools and get to work on their goal of the top job, often years in advance.

'Oh, those atheists, such ungodly people, seem to be causing a bit of a stir amongst the people in the so-called developed countries. Proclaiming what we already know - that there is no god, but it just won't do. We cannot have them leading the flocks away from us. What can we do to ensure our institution is shored up for the next few centuries? Africa. Africa? Wait a minute...(deep in thought). Good thinking, Batman! Good thinking! When do we set off?'
I'm not taken in and I surely hope you aren't.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zee,

Great post! I often refer to the big three as crime families, each one in the business of maintaining and
perpetuating their respective thiefdoms. It’s all about BUSINESS and nothing else. In one narrow sense I admire these European, Christian businessmen. They’ve systematically and methodically invaded a continent, colonized it, and took most if not all of the gold, diamonds, etc. Set-up their religious “shop”, found indigenous local “pious” gangsters to run their operation; went back home and have been collecting their “take” ever since…that’s a serious game they're running!
Question: Have you ever heard of a group of Africans getting into their ships, sailing up to Europe, walk in (uninvited) and convince the indigenous Europeans to minimize or dismiss their ancient beliefs and embrace a Black African God or Goddess?

Best wishes,
The African American Agnostic

Ralph Dumain said...

Whether Cardinal Ratsass the Nazi Pope believes his own BS we may never know. But he's an old school reactionary. It's just sad to see Africans kiss his ass. That's why they will never get anywhere.

Bent Society said...

All deluded "big man in the sky" or alien "operative thetan" are made up stories that delude the masses and rob them not only of their mony but of the their time. What is more precious than our time?

The fact that politicans support them is mind boggling. Obama is part of the problem unless he has the guts to stand up and admit that he does not beleive in this crapmongery.

ibou said...

Great post!

Day said...

Great post! After living in Italy for some time and noticing that most of the people don't go to church at all, I wonder why they bother going to other countries.

Anthony L. said...

Be careful with your remarks, least a crusade be waged against you. Blood and guts will be spilled, and your life will be forfeit before the eyes of the One True God. After all, he's spent much of His time sending His children to battle one another and the infidels in the Middle East. It's a war for souls, both literally and metaphorically.

You must believe, least you die and be damned to hell. The fire will lick your feet, the original sin will consume you. Forget that Constantine had mommy issues and thought up the idea of original sin as Eve's fault, therefore all women are evil and temptresses in nature.

Forget that, according to some racists from generations past and in niche groups today that Cain killed Abel out of his jealousy and was marked with the mark of Cain. (That's why black people are black, and therefore subhuman. They must be enslaved...)

Forget that all is said and done in the name of God, for He is a loving God. He loves his children so much that He bathes in their blood. He forgives you for all of your sin. If man was created in His image, then surely God is narcissistic and full of blood-lust, because that seems all that a majority of humanity is capable of.

In the beginning, man created God (and the gods). In the end, man will destroy himself.

GeneralX said...

@Anthony L,

Aint it the truth, hypocrisy and deception of the highest order.
Soaked in blood this loving God!
I try to stay a bit more optimistic about the future though. Man conjured up the gods, and therefor man can dismiss them, and hopefully without wiping ourselves out in the process, if we can make it through that far, then I think we might be in with a chance.