29 March 2009

'Savage Chickens'


Randy Furco said...

There are so many good things that The LORD gives all men and women.

I know the goodness of The LORD Jesus.

The Christian church as a whole does so much good in the world.

If we were removed, you would not like the world you would be living in.

There are millions upon millions of people who are fed..cared for..ministered to..and brought up out of pain and despair through a relationship with Jesus.

Take away the church and this world would fall into deep darkness and chaos.

Ralph Dumain said...

Beam me up, Scotty!

Karen said...

Hi Zee,

I'm a relatively young white atheist woman living in a smaller US city. I've been reading a lot of your older blog entries. I'm glad you're out here writing. I'll keep coming back to read what you have to say. I started reading the atheists blogs just a few months ago, but started to notice a pattern of white male bloggers and their commenters saying things that showed me they hadn't thought much about race and gender and their own position in the world. I'm still working out a lot of this big stuff myself, especially regarding the religious indoctrination I grew up with and have moved away from. I think I'd like to do a blog someday, but I'm not yet ready to put myself out there and commit to it. I'm just really glad to read your blog and be able to connect to your voice in that way. So that's my intro and thank you.


Robert said...

Brother Randy Furco,

Yes, there are Christians that give to the poor, feed the hungry etc..but at what cost? Would you or they be involved in charitable work if the people you were helping said something like..."Thank you for your assistance and we will need as much humanitarian aid as you can give but we would appreciate if you would leave your religious ideologies at home... We're perfectly happy with our indigenous belief systems!"

Would their complete rejection of your message of "salvation" change your humanitarian game plan? I would hope not...but I do know that Christianity is about "Business!" Question Randy: When and where was the "love" of Christ ever employed in the setting up (invasion) of the United States with respect to the native populations? With respect to the African slaves? I submit to you that the only reason 21st century Christians can promote this "love" is because your ancestors, Christian ancestors, already wiped out all of the non-cooperators, men women and children.

I submit to you that perhaps you need to study your Christian history and realize that you and all of your contemporaries stand on the "bloody" shoulders of your Christ-like Christian progenitors.

Cacai M. said...

heheh.. this is cool! I got strucked by the images and makes me smile, and looking it again and again what's the story behind. Great one! God bless and have a pleasant week!