26 January 2010

Arrest That Man!

George Monbiot, a Journalist at the British newspaper 'The Guardian' has started a campaign aimed at advising members of the public how to carry out a citizen's arrest on Tony Blair. In case you don't know Mr Blair is the previous Prime Minister of the UK who did what most politicians do: lie, cheat and basically do everything to fatten the pockets of themselves and their cronies. Blair huffed and puffed and bullied those who stood in his way of charging into Iraq.
So Mr Monbiot has set up a website Arrest Blair where money is being collected to pay the person who carries out a citizens arrest on Mr Blair. He's advising that great care should be taken, not to put yourself in a compromising situation where you could be hurt or accused of causing Mr Blair or his entourage any form of harm.

I must say it is a tricky one. Difficult to execute and fraught with danger. More a public relations exercise.
You see, we here in the UK are, on the whole, not very intelligent. Our brain cells have putrified over the years under the weight of too much telly, take-aways and shopping. Nothing too taxing, please. And definetly nothing as heavy duty as thinking - perish the thought! 'Now this Blair business - sounds like too much hassle, love.'
Now that's not all UK residents, but far too many to make for a society where the politicians know and believe that they are thereto serve the people and not the other way round. A place where the police protect the people from big-time criminals - and not the other way round.

As gimmicky as it might seem I think this is a wonderful idea.
Visit the site for yourself and if you are based in the UK or even anywhere else - thinking about contributing?

 image courtesy of Wikipedia