16 January 2010

Haiti - Don't Pray, Please

The beauty of television is it can bring the horrors of the world right into your face. The earthquake in Haiti is one example.
Seeing those bodies piled on top of each other, people trapped under columns of concrete, some alive, barely breathing and some dead - all mixed up together. Awful.
Then images of women stood by the sea praying, earnestly, some thanking 'God' that their lives had been spared.
Amongst all the horrors this stood out to me and made me angry.
Such wasted time and effort in amongst all the chaos. So many people dead and all we humans can do is marvel and praise an imaginary god that our lives have been saved. The fact that this god must be a complete maniacal freak to wipe out 100,000+ people, men, women, children, babies but spared the life of those standing and praying into the wind...
So sad.