04 December 2009

People Power

So there we have it. The murky world of man-made global warming-carbon credits-save the world slogans, sound bites and great marketing is unravelling and, at last, there may just be a glimpse, a dawning, that the Emperor has clothes, yes, but ones placed there by people with a big agenda.
It is interesting that my previous post on this matter garnered much comment, more criticism than praise, but some people dislike reality and smother themselves in the soft squidgy-ness of fantasy. Not so I.
We were being played and we did not recognise that the train some of us jumped on was actually a gravy train which we had no ownership of, no control over and our destination was solely in the direction of us being fleeced big time for big bucks ad infinitum.
The number of NGO’s with their noses in the trough is astounding. Groups who are receiving money to promote and assist in the cover up, whose current and future funding depends on how effective they are in getting the message out to the masses – you and me.
But hold on a minute: Some people woke up!! Some smelt the coffee and thought ‘Bollocks! This is too big a con for me to stay silent. This is too big a con for me to quietly go about my business.’ Voila! We have information which appears to show a monumental con has occurred. How this information was released into the public domain is not a concern of mine - some members of our species decided that the lies had to be exposed.
It is called People Power. No, not as in communism, socialism or any other –ism but one where we start to think for ourselves and refuse to remain clueless and powerless to what is happening around us.
The internet has played a pivotal role in uncovering the cover ups and from now on we should be mindful and aware of attacks on our rights to communicate freely and ultimately expose crimes against humanity (as this Great Con should be viewed).
In our own way we can leave a legacy for the future generations: that we thought for ourselves and refused to be sheeple.

What do you think?