29 December 2009

Have You Heard about The Garinagu People?

...Lest we forget.

I wanted to share this video as it illustrates, very clearly to me, that in spite of our differences - whether they be religious, racial, gender, height, weight, abilities - there are people who are just getting on with their lives as best they can. People who appear to have little materially, yet our warped values are shamed into admiring those who don't have to try to enjoy their lives - no hamsters on a wheel running on empty with the latest 'must have handbag'.

This video records beautiful elements of the Garinagu communities of coastal Central America.
You may not be familiar with their culture or music but their attempts to elevate their people to believe in themselves and their value is admirable.
Sadly Andy Palacio died last year but his legacy lives on.
Please share your thoughts.

P.S. Have fun in 2010!