14 April 2009

Time for Change...

I have decided to simplify my blog. Make it easier to read and navigate by narrowing the width of the page and so on.
What you might call a bit of spring cleaning and I intend to get back to highlighting some brilliant blogs and equally brilliant people out there like GeneralX, Ralph Dumain, etc. as well as some of my observations about people and life.

I want to say a big 'thank you' to everyone who has taken the time to comment here and especially those who drop by regularly. Without readers and visitors this blog would not be what it is. Thank YOU!!


Holly said...

I like the new format and can't wait for you to be blogging more! Spring cleaning a blog can be hard work---Every time I've done it the process has taken me days.

Massage techique therapist said...

You took me off your blogroll. I don't know if this was an error or intensional. Could you please put me back? I still have you on my blogroll. Don't make a blackmanworry!

GeneralX said...

Hi Zee thanks for the nod, I am flattered and quite undeserving.
I understand you have been hard pressed for time just recently, but hang in there, I always enjoy your posts.
Keep up the good work.

Bent Society said...

Me too me too.

Make me feel guilty about the cobwebs all over my own blog

GeneralX said...

Might I also add that it would be extremely good to have some one of the caliber of Ralph Dumain commenting on www.guardian.co.uk 'comment is free' threads concerning atheism.
I feel our efforts on there would be greatly enhanced by his input.

Ralph Dumain said...

I need to check in more often, especially since people are talking about me.

My group "Black Freethought" on Atheist Nexus is the largest and most dynamic group of its kind on the English-speaking Internet:


I need a fuller explanation concerning the suggestion that I participate in discussions on The Guardian web site.

I also need to check out this brilliant GeneralX.

GeneralX said...

Hi Ralph, I'm sure you will be sorely disappointed in your efforts to “check out” GeneralX, as I'm afraid Zee has a wicked tendency to tease me.
I am quite sure her description of brilliance, regarding me at least, was made with her tongue firmly planted in the side of her cheek.
I applaud your efforts with blackfreethought, a niche with its own unique challenges and obstacles I'm sure. I find it also quite alarming the degree and zeal with which Christianity has and is being taken up in Asia (The Philippines, China, etc,). I was quite appalled just recently at viewing a series of photographs from the Philippines, where devotees were literally allowing themselves to be nailed to crucifixes, (talk about “beam me up Scotty”).
The reason I suggested you might be interested in contributing to some of the discussions on the Guardian threads is that because in the UK we don't have a problem with the fundamentalists so much, but more rather with the liberals, whose arguments spiral away into fuzzy manifestations of God that are especially hard to pin down and I thought you might quite enjoy taking some of these types to task.

Ralph Dumain said...

GeneralX, you don't appear to have your own blog.

I need to know where I can find these discussions in The Guardian--the home page alone does not clearly point to them.

So does British religious liberalism follow middling British anti-intellectualism in general?

Lemon Zest said...

Wow, the new layout looks good! Less clutter, fast loading, easy to read -- sometimes starting over from a minimalist theme can work wonders.

GeneralX said...

Hi Ralph,
I don't have my own blog.

here is a link to Cif belief page,

To answer your question, I think the liberal Christian apologetics go great lengths to make their arguments as diverse and intellectually incomprehensible as possible. This tends to create an apathy to understanding among their congregations in general, which would be anti-intellectualism I suppose, so yes.

Tor Hershman said...

Just a wee Atheistic parody song.....