23 April 2009

I'm Going to Church...

...yes, you read it here first.
I have been invited to attend a church service by some dear friends of mine. I have agreed to attend on condition that they understand that:

a) I will not be giving money

b) I will be writing about it on my blog.

My friends and I have had some hot debates through the night and into early dawn and I have even been told, 'I pray that you get to know Jesus'. Incredible.
Anyway, in the interest of those who read this blog, whether atheist or supernaturalist, I will be visiting their multi-cultural church with pen and notepad in hand.
I plan to go as soon as our calendars meet, which I expect will happen in the next week or so. So watch this space.


LADY ROOTS said...

Sistren Zee,

Will you sing along with the choir?
How did they convince you to go?

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

GeneralX said...

Hi Zee, well if you see jesus, tell him I want my sin back, it was an original!

Joan said...

Hi Zee,

Please let all your readers in the Houston area know about the upcoming April 30 event at Texas Southern University, "Do We Need God or Away With All Gods? An Exchange between Sunsara Taylor and Mins. Robert Muhammad."

Sunsara Taylor is a writer for Revolution newspaper and an uncompromising atheist. Robert Muhammad is the Southwest Regional Minister of the Nation of Islam and long-time fighter against racial injustice & more.

Apr. 30, 7-9pm, TSU, Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Rm. 106.

Come join the conversation as they discuss: Is religion a creation of humanity whose time has long passed? Or, does it serve some deeper need of human beings? Are beliefs in God(s) obstacles or pathways to understanding and changing the world and to the emancipation of humanity?

Should be fun...

for more info: 832-687-7341

thanks for your blog!

Oli said...

A few weeks ago, I visited a church in the Ealing area with my mother. Just for kicks, of course.
I sat throughout some pretty decent contemporary music, although the lyrics weren't to my liking. Drummer was fantastic though lol
Then they put on a film of some American guy preaching to a hall full of kids about how great and big god is, and how small each and everyone of us is. Etc.
I found it all rather bizarre.

Oli said...



Zee Harrison said...

Dear ALL,
Thanks for commenting.

-Lady Roots
I actually like gospel music for the music - it's the message that I find objectionable. I won't sing along with the choir. They didn't convince me as such, more that I thought I would go along and observe if there are any new psychological techniques being used that I am not aware of.

Very funny! How did humans get to this position? Crazy isn't it? No doubt I will meet people who believe this kind of stuff and beat themselves around the head as they are not worthy of Jesus' love! Arrgghh!!

Thanks for sharing this information. I have engaged with the Nation of Islam lot and they are mixed up and misguided. Never again. A total waste of time.

I watched the video - thanks for the link. Those people have no interest in challenging their beliefs.

Thanks again everyone.

Belisama said...

Hi Zee, just wondering if you are going to follow up on this post - am very curious to know your thoughts!

Holly said...

You are more adventurous than I, I must say. I have been badgered to go to church several times; pretty much every Christmas and Easter and I respectively decline with the "P.S. You know I'm an atheist and I know that is why you're asking me."