02 September 2008

The Sarah Palin Saga

Someone asked my opinion of the current saga raging regarding Sarah Palin, her daughter's pregnancy and John McCain's choice of VP.
I have to say first and foremost that I am of the firm belief that the 'shadow government' are laughing their socks off at the frenzy being created. It must give them great mirth, something to chortle over whilst dining, to watch and hear the heated ping-pong of debates for and against Sarah Palin and co.
I've seen this before. It's called 'distraction'. Keep the masses occupied whilst plans are being made to create even more chaos in the world. 'They won't notice' - and true to form we don't.
This may sound pessimistic but I prefer to keep my eyes on the real deal rather than hyped issues of irrelevance. I use the word irrelevance because both major parties represents 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. No major difference.
It's like watching a popular nasty soap opera, or American Idol or Big Brother - you are viewed as a party pooper if you don't have a detailed opinion on it all, if you state that it is all much of a muchness and makes no real difference to anything. Vote red or blue or independent and the underlying problems will still be there. The only change will be on how you perceive things. Nothing else.
So you have a choice: to continue to feed ignorance or take a long, rational look behind the smoke and mirrors. It's up to you. It's your call.


Renee said...

While I certainly am not obsessed with baby gate, it does occur to me that this whole conversation is hypocritical. If Bristol was from Harlem and her name was Latifah the republicans would be asking who is going to pay for this baby and actively engaging in slut shaming. The whole respect the families privacy thing only works because the pregnant girl is white and comes from an affluent family. This is the conversation that we should be having but are avoiding. I wrote more extensively on it here.

nicole said...

What Renee said.

Furthermore, I find your post to be offensive, written in the tone of someone who thinks she understands American politics, but really does not have anything to say.

You wrote a short post which essentially contributed nothing to the political discourse, and yet you managed to denigrate a large segment of the American population.

I suggest research and firm grounding in your topic next time.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Brilliant post! I'm adding your blog to my favorites.

I wish every blogger writing about Sarah Palin for and against could see that our two party system, our pointing fingers, our American Idols are nothing but distractions for what the elite oligarchy in government are doing for their own gain.

During Obama's stadium appearance while Stevie Wonder was performing, the MSNBC crew of Rachel Maddow et all were dancing in the aisles while Pat Buchanan donned Stevie Wonder shades. Is that journalism or is that a carefully orchestrated show?

It's not just the political parties any more. It's the business-controlled media. IMMEDIATELY after Sarah Palin gave her introduction speech last Friday, both democratic and republican surrogates were lined up to condemn her or to extol her virtues. It's sickening.

There is a real lack of independent analysis from the media, from the politicians we elect to represent US, everyone just aligns along whatever special interest or party line they are accepting their paycheck from. In that sense, George Orwell's 1984 is real. Big Brother calls us to the telescreen and tells us what to think.

Unfortunately, we fall for it as a people. Our memories are short. And we focus on irrelevant sports, network "talent" shows, and the latest with Jennifer Anniston, Brangelina, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson.

We let it happen to ourselves and I really don't know how to shake our nation out of this. If the American people cared only 1/100th as much about what our government is doing and holding them accountable as they seem to care about American Idol or Lindsay's latest train wreck we'd probably be in good shape.

Keep on writing. Keep on thinking.

Dan Brantley said...

This has been similar to my feelings for quite awhile and the main reason I tend to vote Libertarian. Although I have to admit that I enjoyed Sarah Palin last night, and I am not looking forward to her gradual indoctrination to the "Washington way."
Too often the media seems to be more concerned with finding flaws and assigning blame, rather than with any real analysis of character and how it relates to events.
Sensation, headlines and sound-bites are all we are receiving, and unfortunately we are to blame as well. We seldom take the time to study the real issues ourselves, and are content with the pap that passes for news.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear sarah, I enjoyed reading your post. I think you have a right to feel about like you want to. To have only two parties which are very similar to each other, is a very special form of democracy....

Steve said...

Wow. That about sums up the comment section. Lol. But if we could set aside the tin foil hats for a second, let's think about this.

Barack Obama supports a woman's right to choose. Even to the degree that a fetus that survives abortion should be left to die, rather than given medical attention to try to keep it alive.

McCain believes life begins at conception, and Palin kept her fetus despite known problems.

Obama opposes the war. Even to the point of saying though the surge worked, he would still oppose it.

McCain supports the war to the point that he is saying he will stay there 100 years if necessary.

Obama believes in state funded healthcare.

McCain believes in the "Ownership Society" where you take care of yourself.

Obama believes drilling is not necessary to solve the oil crises.

McCain says drill here, drill now.

Obama wants to talk to Iran.

McCain wants to take a firm stance and use sanctions.

I'm just getting started. I won't go on. This isn't about which side one agrees with. This is about this statement.

"This may sound pessimistic but I prefer to keep my eyes on the real deal rather than hyped issues of irrelevance. I use the word irrelevance because both major parties represents 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. No major difference."

Perhaps this is a case of misplaced attention. While one keeps their eyes on the "real deal" (I assume the shadow government?) there is life going on around them.

This is always a tough issue for me when I see the shadow government and Illuminati and no difference between the parties rhetoric. I'm always split between saying "wake up" and thanking my lucky stars that people who believe such rantings don't want to get involved in our "fake little game".

Just my take. Gotta run. The black helicopter lifts in 3... 2... 1...

fathin1 said...

dear sarah, nice article, i like it..
i hv click your entrecard... :) wait your walking to my blog :p

Mekhismom said...

Hey -where's my comment? Anyway - I gave you an award it is on my blog at midnight 9.6.08.

Zee Harrison said...

Would you believe it but I wrote an epic response to all the comments above and have just received your message and checked - my response is not here either.
This isn't the first time this has happened. Clearly a problem with Blogger. I will chase and find out what has happened.

Thank you so much for the award and will do a write up shortly.
I left a message on your blog too.
Thanks again,

Bent Society said...

I'm afraid having sen all the mock dignity "mocknity?" in the Obama, clinton and Palin roadshows - only three words reallu sum up all three of them - (1) Hubris (2) Turtuffian (3) shameless. They are all islimy and ngenuine - same as leading UK politicians.

But who but a slimy ingenuine turtuffian shamless pride loated liar could float to the top in media dominated politics today - any genuine individual would be lampooned for lacking political savvy.

We get the leaders we deserve... perhaps the problem rests with us entirely and not with the slimy wormtongued fools that WE vote for...because they say what we want them to tell us!

Home truths Zee

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

She has issues like the rest of us. I do think McCain picked her as a token.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

I agree it is a distraction, but I am still focused. I see what a debacle it was to choose her in the first place, and I also see that this points to the poor judgement that McCain will undoubtedly exercise if he gets in. If anyone enjoyed the lies that Palin told during her speech, then they are part of the choir she was preaching to. I am focused on the issues, but we must understand that these double standards in politics are definitely part of the issues. This is why Billionaire Warren Buffett can get millions subsidies, but if the country tries to provide healthcare for everyone it's considered a crime. We must stop allowing our fear, hate, and greed to distort our ability to be a great country again. When comparing us to other industrialized countries we lose over and over again because of hate, greed, and fear. When will we learn.

Thedivamuse said...

As one who has been following the election saga with a certain amount of obsessive fervor, I have to say that the distraction has actually been a good thing for me.

I count both conventions as nothing but distraction and now we are back to business.

The fact still remains however, even if one chooses to engage in rhetoric concerning the choice of the Republican VP pick, that does not negate where the individual stands on the issues.

I don't think that the American public is as stupid as the pundits choose to believe. Ultimately in our wonderful political system, those of us who do vote, vote with our minds and our hearts and our decisions typically come from a place of conviction.

I do not think that either party is perfect and therefore I rarely vote along party lines. I do however believe that although on the surface it may seem that there is not much difference between the two when you get right down to it, I do see in the democratic candidate an attempt to bring the people back into government.

I have stances on other issues as well, but this by far has been the most appealing aspect of Obama's campaign in my opinion. Something that I have not only missed from the Republican party, but something that has actually been mocked.

When will Americans realize, we are the government?! That is the whole point.


TWINING said...

Zee, any chance you could link?

Marti said...

There does seem to be a clear consensus that our governemnt is failing America in these comments. Yet it is business as usual. Because Americans allow it. This is a democracy... we do have the right to vote. We need to clean house and start over....it can be done, but whinning will not produce change. Neither will Obama and his VP with 35 years in politics. Mc Cain / Palin and change are mutually exclusive...not gunna happen there either. It starts with you, dear readers...what are you doing to create change today?