22 September 2008

America is in Trouble

Big trouble.

If you have spent the last 30 minutes watching CNN like I have you would imagine this financial crisis that is threatening to cause financial meltdown was just a slight blip - for all the 3 minutes it was given. Quick switch to the Emmy's as various women parade their diamonds and gowns with a twirl. Quick switch to the OJ Simpson trial - such great entertainment!
America, People, you are in TROUBLE!
With the President pushing for an agreement (to use $700 billion of taxpayers money) to be signed without delay, this undue haste should give the thinking person pause for thought. Who will this deal benefit? What stake will the American people have in the companies being bailed out using tax payers money? - I mean 'what's in it for you?'
There are so many other questions to be asked but let me highlight one issue that let's me know that should this agreement be signed on behalf of the people of the USA then the problems will only just be beginnning.

Section 8 of the agreement (as it stands) states that Paulson will be given unfettered ability to do as he pleases without being reviewed or investigated by any court of law or any organization.

Section 8. Review.

Decisions made by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

Do you know what this means? Do you understand how it gives the criminals and their cronies (yes, that is what they are) the right to steal from you and the mouths of your great-grandchildren, whilst you, the citizens of today raise nary an eyebrow as they chortle all the way to their money mountains, slapping each other on the back.

America is ruled by criminals. From the Federal Reserve (an organization which is illegal according to the American constitution, but who cares?) to the President and work your way downwards. Criminals.
Most of the people of the USA just go along with it, shaking their heads as they struggle to stay in their homes, pay medical bills and find cheaper food. They switch on Dancing with the Stars, CNN, CSI, Fox and Oprah to escape the awfulness of reality.
'America is a great country! Be Proud! Be patriotic! Leaders of the Free World!' as the world looks on with a knowing twinkle. The so called 'Third World' countries who have been assessed by Bear Stearns, S&P scales and slapped about the head with a report drawn up to show just how badly a country was faring against 'high standards' set by Bear Stearns. These reports decided how credit worthy a country was and impacted on how much a country could borrow and the rate of interest that would be set. Powerful reports coming out of a country that was effectively bankrupt. Lula of Brazil couldn't resist a rather slight snigger last week at the irony and preposterousness of it all.

America is in trouble, People.

Here's what needs to happen:

1. The people need to rise up and go out into the streets and let their politicians know that they refuse to allow themselves to be pimped anymore.

2. The Federal Reserve needs to be disbanded. The power should be returned to the people.

3. The people should decide what happens after the system corrects itself.

4. All Acts enacted which was not in the interest of the people should be immediately scratched from the Statute books and new laws introduced which place the future leaders as servants of the people.

5. Membership of a secret societies should be deemed to be against the interest of the people.

[I haven't placed the above points in any order and these are just some of the changes that I believe may enable America to rise from the ashes of a system which was for the benefit of the few. I am an expert in very few areas and I am not promoting myself as such in this discussion.
I do ask that people think about the bigger picture.]

Let me make clear: I am advocating people get off their bottoms/asses/butts, pick up the phone, talk to their elected representatives and make it very clear how this deal is not in the interest of the people. I am advocating people write to the media and ask why they are not producing news items which inform the people rather than entertain. Why they don't ask real questions.
I am advocating people march into Washington and tell those in power that enough is enough. Forget waiting on Obama or McCain - they are agents of the criminals, so implicitly criminals themselves. They are in the positions to become possible Presidents because they have agreed to work to the betterment of the Rockefellers, the global elite, etc. You are a pawn.
But collectively you are pawns with more power than you realize. Of course there will be painful times ahead. Of course there may be global meltdown but it is necessary to rid the system of the infestations which have sucked your blood, given you false hopes, focused the country on trivia whilst siphoning the goodies away from the people, leaving crumbs and laws which infringe your basic human rights whilst encouraging you to not think for yourself.

As you walk down the street past houses with 'Foreclosure' writ large, as you walk past new tent cities, as you walk past schools where the kids can hardly read or write after 2 years of attendance - think about this deal. Think about how much you have been conned in the past and ask yourself if you really believe Bush when he says this has to be signed now as it is in the best interest of the people.
Ask yourself where the real power is. If it is not with you then America is in big trouble.

Think about it.


Tom Appleton said...

As usual, Zee, a great post! I was writing something very similar but I've scrapped it now as yours says everything I needed to say! :)

Zee, I imagine you read a lot, and I'd like to recommend a book. Of course, you may have read it already, but if you haven't check out: 'Why do people hate America?' by Ziauddin Sardar and Mrryl Wyn Davies.

It's a great analysis of how America, as an institution, screws over not only it's own people, but the rest of the world. (Did you know America has sanctions against 52% of the worlds population?) And then Americans wonder why people hate their country.

The American people are blinkered and have no idea how their government affects the rest of the world.

Good post, Zee. Keep it up!


Michael Cruse said...

Regard “Section 8.Review.” I must say that is garbage and needs to be removed. No one should get 700 billion of tax payer money without serious oversight.

Regarding your points:
1) I agree, but I feel it should be exercised at the ballot box. By all means, phone and write them, let your voice be heard but vote them out of office if they do not respond.

2) I disagree as the Fed serves a valuable role to stabilize the economy and keep inflation under control.

3) I would prefer the market decides what happens but I would go along with the “people” as being inline with the same thinking.

4) Who would make these decisions? What you may consider in the best interest, I would not and vise versa. This would be most tricky to accomplish.

5) I totally disagree with this statement. Again, who defines secret? This is America and I should have the right to meet with anyone I wish without the government interference.

Waterrose said...

A lot of great points. Whether I agree with all of them or not doesn't matter --people should pay more attention to what is going on. What appears as a desperate act by the president to shore up the financial system, in my opinion, is just a ruse. Makes you go "hmmmm" as to why the FBI are now involved and who put them on the trail. Perhaps this is Bush's, one of a few more, last hurrah that leaves behind even more misery.

Katie-Anne said...

This is such a detailed post. Whether readers agree or not with what you say, I think the point is to make America wake up and educate itself on what's really going on, and then using that voting power they have to make the most effective change.

The BoBo said...

A most excellent post! I just have one point to make:

"4. All Acts enacted which was not in the interest of the people should be immediately scratched from the Statute books and new laws introduced which place the future leaders as servants of the people."

The leaders are already supposed to be servants of the people. The problem is - people keep voting them back in to office each election cycle. WE the people ALL the power to hire and fire. I've been out there for a few months pushing that we need to start voting out incumbents each election cycle. I say, this year, in addition to resetting the financial sector - WE the people need to RESET GOVERNMENT. It doesn't matter whether there is a Dem, Repub, or Indy in office - we need to replace them with new faces each and every time. Career politicians have ruined our government and are bringing this country down. Don't let any politician have more than one term in D.C.

The other thing that gets accomplished is that each cycle - a new majority will exist so that no one party has control for long periods of time to cause any harm.

Damien said...

Really well written. I like your style!

Political Disgust said...

While it is easy to rant and type about what should or should not be done what I DO NOT see is a solution offered. I agree that there needs to be more research on how the economy is fixed, BUT if we do nothing right now to help out these major companies then the resulting collapse which will come will be FAR WORSE. Regardless of how this situation happened - it is the current situation we are in. If we let the major mortgage companies fail, AIG go under and do nothing then MANY MANY more businesses will fail, many more people will lose homes, and the situation will get worse.

Hear what I am saying. I am not saying your are wrong. But I do not see any solutions offered that makes sense. Making some calls and declaring that we want this or that does not FIX the current situation.

ps - I wish you had the plugin installed that would send me email notifications of when new posts are made in this thread!

Political Disgust

Anonymous said...


I would be proud to have your entrecard on my site anytime.

Go Obama!



Bent Society said...

Zee a lot of good points but the USA will remain rich. There are twice as many patents held in the USA then in the rest of the world put together! The price of profit is that the poor are expendible.

THE UK IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE - we have higher levels of personal debt than US citizens. Our housing market is equally crashing. Our poor are equally illiterate and hooked on "games" and "drugs". And we don't make anything anymore.

WE are headed for massive social unrest Zee. As you say - the media are downplaying it. They have to - confidence is all in the markets. When the confidence goes...watch our cities burn.

Rich Dansereau said...

Great post. You make some very well reasoned points and my agreement or disagreement with them is irrelevant, action and making your voice heard is what is relevant. Diverse voices, positions and perspectives enrich the conversation and the country.

Karlonia said...

I am glad to see that someone is actually thinking about this issue instead of just accepting what the politicians and the mainstream media are telling us. Fortunately the House of Representatives has managed to defeat the bailout proposal today. I have been reading the reports on this and it appears that many of these politicians really want to vote in favor of this thing, but the incumbents were afraid of losing their seats in the November election due to the public outrage. This is one of the few times where I have seen the American people actually become energized enough to influence a major vote. Most of the time, they just go along with whatever happens and turn into "sheeple."

Probably what will happen now is that we will wind up with some sort of watered down version of the bailout proposal with somewhat lower numbers and some modicum of accountability or oversight built into the plan in order to appease the taxpayers. It will not be an ideal solution by any means, but for now I am pleased to see that many people are not simply going along with all of the ridiculous doomsday talk coming from the politicians and the media.