08 July 2008

The Worst Way to Monetize Your Blog

I enjoy blogging. I think the blog medium is a great way to share views across the globe. Since I started on this adventure I have learnt so much about other people and myself. Yet there is one thing that really bugs me.

Reading a really interesting post and then it slowly dawns on you that someone, in the middle of telling you about their experiences, is flogging a product. 'Pay-Per-Post', 'Sponsored Post' or any other name for the same thing. Usually the story they are trying to wrap around and tie into this product just doesn't ring true. 

I think it is disingenuous and quite insulting to your readers to have those sponsored posts slap bang in the midst of some excellent writing and it does you the blog host no favours. I find myself drifting slowly away from those who do that. Of course, it makes money - but at what cost? Is it worth it? I have no objections about monetizing blogs as blogging is not always easy and time is money but there are so many other ways to monetize. 

I know that overall the financial outlook means one has to get smart and look for new avenues to earn money but is this really the best way?

Maybe it's just me but does it bug you? Maybe you do write them and have increased your readership and revenue so significantly that you write them regularly? 


Andrea said...

It does actually bug me, especially since I nearly fell into the trap of those kinds of setups. When I first learned of pay-per-post, I didn't really know what it involved, and once I found out, I dropped it. I never posted anythign for them - thank goodness. It's a crazy scheme, especially when there are blog networks that will pay you to write quality content if you really want to use the blog as a means of income.

Zee Harrison said...

I also signed up for the same and after scratching my head in disbelief decided this was not what I wanted for my blog. I am all for people monetizing their blogs if they wish but these are truly awful.
Thanks for commenting!
Zee Harrison.

C. L. Hanson said...

Yeah, I can't imagine that would be a good idea. Obviously paid product endorsements aren't interesting to read, and it's hard enough to build up an audience for a blog even without driving them away like that...

Kathy said...

I don't care for these kinds of posts either, even with a disclaimer of some sort. Takes away some credibility. I stressed so much over whether or not to advertise on my blog, but PPP was never a consideration for that reason.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Here is another who signed up to do some Pay-per-posts and then realized what was actually expected! I have not gone back!

Bent Society said...

Zee - you are so right.

I've gone over to public service adds on my blog now.

I once tried an experiment. I had Google "adds for content" on my blog - which links specific adds to whatever you have been writing about.

I wrote a blog on cheating in relationships. And you guessed it - within the hour the blog page was carrying adverts for Internet sites that facilitate cheating for married people!

Here is the link to the page (see below) - if you read the comments section on this blog you can see where the blog readers have logged details of advert content for the blog site.