24 July 2008

Choosing My Religion

Not much I can say about the Some Grey Bloke animations. Brilliant. Enjoy! Would appreciate it if you could share your views.


Grégoire said...

That was really funny!

Of course he left out the ridiculous nonsense I was raised in: Mormonism. Strictly speaking, we can eat bacon, and we can have more than one wife (at least in theory). On the downside we can't drink coffee and if we have a Black friend we're supposed to be killed. (Heaven knows what Brigham Young would do to me for posting on y'r blog!)

Happy Pioneer Day!

Ms. Orange said...

LOL! Enjoyed this very much :)

Jacqueline said...

Quite funny, yet quite deep!

Original GRITS said...

I LOVE IT! It cracks me up even moreso than it might most people because this is really how I do see people picking their religion...whatever best suits their need. LOL Ah, cherry-pickin' at its finest.

Thanks for sharing.