07 April 2008

The Jesus Camps

Would you call this child abuse?

Enough said.

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Zaki said...

I'd be surprised if one of those kids actually makes it out of there without any lasting mental issues that will prevent them from functioning normally in society.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Camp was closed down after the film aired last year.

I have a feeling that there is was a new camp started that is not being publicized becaus the leaders were very fanatical.

I have seen a lot of this in soooo many churches - white churches and black churches.

Minister Lisa Scott

Zee Harrison said...

Hi Zaki and Lisa,

My biggest concern still lies with the children. How can anyone believe that they are doing something positive for these children? They are taught to love 'god' yet be afraid of 'him'.The hysteria, weeping, visible emotional distress...

To call it anything other than child abuse is beyond delusional.
Those children are being scarred and will, in all probability go on to scar others, namely their own offspring.
This must stop. Like paedophilic groomers, they have popped up somewhere else (?) - this would not surprise me, Lisa. They will try to hide themselves whilst they continue the abuse in another guise in another place - away from the scrutiny and watchful eyes of concerned rational human beings.

Very sad. Incredibly sad.

Thank you for your comments,