15 March 2008

British Atheist Speaks...

Pimping For Jesus - Video

One of the great things about the internet is how it enables people to connect and share information right across the globe. What a fabulous medium!

I recently joined a group Black Atheists at Yahoo and received an email from a member pointing me in the direction of a video by Pat Condell, a British atheist. He has a really dry wit, classic British humour, which some people may not always appreciate! I chose this video as a good starting point to understand his worldview. You may actually agree with him on some fronts.



Strappado said...

Hi! I was thinking that you might be interested in two Point of Inquiry podcasts with Norm Allen. He's black and had a lot of interesting things to say about blacks and religion in USA and Africa. He's quite optimistic about Africa, so I think it could need a little more publicity. :)


Zee Harrison said...


Many thanks for your contribution to this blog.
I am always interested in hearing about atheists, esp. black atheists.
I will check out your links this week and write up a review shortly
Thank you again!