20 March 2008

The Speech by Barack Obama

Barack Obama - 'A More Perfect Union'- Philadelphia, 18 March 2008

I thought I would spend some time digesting this speech and all its probable implications. So in case you missed it in its entirety...

One thing I can say about Barack Obama was his speech touched a raw nerve for a lot of people. Not only in the USA but around the world. Friends of mine, blog writers, newspapers columnists realised, or rather, hoped that a turning point had arrived. The genie was being taken out of the bottle - for some there was pain and for others, none.


Mark said...

Another GREAT speech by a person that will unify rather than divide!!!!

Zee Harrison said...

Hi Mark,
Let's hope so. Let's hope so.
I'm wary aboout how much change Barack can actually make.
The system is rigid and most changes made so far have been superficial at best.
Thanks for taking the time to comment.