04 December 2007

What is the Point of Nationalism?

Please tell me.

I don't understand why someone can feel 'patriotic' - what does it mean anyway? How is it useful to homo sapiens?

I am not 'proud' to be anything - not my race, sexuality, gender, age, size, height - it just doesn't make sense to me.

Have we not moved beyond the borders? Maybe not. I suppose my views could be viewed as either myopic or utopic depending on your position. No, I will say it very loudly - patriotism is very negative for the world. It stops people looking at other people as part of 'us' and more as 'them' - just plain wrong in my eyes.

I don't ever look at people as being part of a nation but part of the global family. Having given this issue some thought over a long period of time, reading giants of philosophy and science: Charles Darwin, Bertrand Russell, Epicurus, Stephen Hawkin, to name a few - I have come to the conclusion that artificial divisions amongst humans are not for me. I don't wish to encourage them in my life.

Here comes the real Ogre...
...Religion. If we look in particular at the Abrahamic religions they encourage, support and promote divisions amongst peoples. Their orgins are suspect and based on ancient myths which should have no place in modern societies today.

So some of my readers will disagree - and that is good! - but I have removed religion and any form of the supernatural from my life and I am so much the better for it.

If I think about black people: we have been sold a line and bought it hook, line and sinker for a number of reasons. If we used reason, rationale and our intellect then we would question what we have been told over the centuries and focused on scientific innovation rather than how to pimp a vehicle, we would focus on changing the world by throwing away outdated traditions, eradicating vague and contradictory texts which were written when people were more ignorant and had less scientific advances available than they are now.

We have people going to the moon, isolated DNA, genetic advances, treatment and prevention programmes for diseases which wiped out populations years ago and yet we believe 'the bible'. We believe it because we have been told to believe it.

I don't want to hear another excuse about what happened to 'us' in slavery'. We are still enslaved now if we even begin to think that. I see too many people making a ton of money out of peddling the same thing peddled over the last 100 years. Enough. Stop, stop, stop!

In one of my future blogs I will give you my take on why people like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey are not the way to go for black people. I'm not saying they have nothing valid to say, but please forge your own path, your own mode of thinking. I'll stop there and expand on this issue later.

Nationalism is part of the big problem. Your skin colour tells me nothing about you and equally the same thing should apply to your country of birth or residence. It is all part of making assumptions which limit people and humanity as a whole.

Come on People - stop the flag waving xenophobic behaviour. Nationalism is negative. Nationalism kills.

Stop maintaining the systemic barriers created to keep people from knowing and caring about each other.

These are real challenges for humans. What do you think?

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