06 December 2007

Live in the Moment

It is so easy to take life for granted. I went into to town the other day and spoke with a chemist whose son had died a few months ago. She was distraught as she spoke about his death and her loss. Her appetite had gone, her zest for life had ebbed away to just going through the motions each day. Her son had committed suicide at home, in her house and the question running through her mind constantly, she said, was 'What did I do wrong?' Her pain was huge and my words of comfort seemed so pathetic that in the end I said, 'Nothing I say is going to make you feel better' and she agreed.
We can't turn back the clock and change events. I often think of the people that I have angered or been angry with and now just try and focus on the forgiveness of myself and of others. It really helps me to live a better life. I don't always succeed but I try.
This woman can't bring her son back, can't say the things she wanted to say to him but didn't. He's gone and life has to move on but it is difficult for her.

So today I am going to be glad to be alive. To be able to breathe freely and enjoy everything that comes my way today. 'Live in the Moment' is the mantra of some of the New Age 'gurus' whose messages I normally reject but this one resonates with me. Live in the Moment.

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