28 November 2010

Quote of the Week: George Orwell

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. "
           ~ George Orwell

Very apt. Wikileaks


James MacAdam said...

Nice quote from Orwell: I couldn't agree more. WikiLeaks is doing us all a service. Why Assange is choosing to bear the brunt of attention probably speaks to a strategy of obfuscation, but I'm on his and their side all the way. It's a healthy and overdue reminder of government for and by the people.


Elvie said...

I agree with you, this is really appropriate to wikileaks position right now. i just hope that asange will be able to pass through all these and continue to expose the truth that governments are hiding.

by the way, followed you in GFC, hope you could follow back. :)