21 March 2010

Powerful Testimony of the Effects of Religious Sexual Abuse

Brilliantly sad. If there was ever a need to dismantle religion then this is it.
If you comment then I promise to respond.
I will write another post about the Pope's'apology' shortly.


1skepticalbrother said...

Why would the Judeo-Christian God allow a single child to be violated? I can understand how human beings, in all of our manifestations of social veneers, can behave badly; but where is the all powerful, all knowing, all places at all times and, lest we forget, all loving deity?

I can hear some of the faithful about to offer their opinions....but wait a minute! Why can't your God speak for "himself"? According to many of you this incomprehensible entity created everything that we see and everything that we cannot see...much less understand. Why does it choose to use, fallible, finite, limited and petty temporal beings to act as multi-level marketing salespersons ? In your "holy" book he "speaks" and is heard...has he lost this simple terrestrial ability? I for one am tired of listening to the army of religious apologists. Again I ask; why can’t your triune or singular God answer his own questions using his own voice and using the same methodology or spiritual technology that he used in the bible?

One day my friend Louie stopped me in the park and began telling me that his God was talking to him and had a message for me. I asked him was his God speaking to him at that exact moment and he replied, “Yes”. I immediately grabbed his head; pressed my ear onto his ear and informed him that I couldn’t hear a thing! No voice of the all mighty…nothing. I offered my own analysis of the non-event and told him that it was probably bodily gases and not a God! He was unphased and unimpressed.

So I ask my religious sisters and brothers one final time; why can’t your God use some kind of celestial public address system and answer these questions regarding the abhorrent behavior of some of his earthly emissaries? This type of vocal divine intervention would really go a long way with agnostics like me. And one more point; please try not to employ any type of reverse engineering to explain the behavior of your God. Think about it; this entity, so the story goes, created the entire cosmos without the aid of a single guilty, miserable sinner…the COSMOS! Let your God answer these allegations and let the Ryan Commission do what they do best…whatever that is!

Zee Harrison said...

I obviously agree with you! These nonsense, make-belief entities should be banished from our minds for good and we should question everything.
Mental illness/apparitions seem to afflict certain members of our populations and some of those prefer to seek comfort in the reality of mental delusions rather than seek medical help. Some of our great religions appear to have these types of origins. Humans are sick and often try to mislead themselves. No surprise there.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

How many abused survivors or abused children are there say, in this country, or this whole generation even...how many were done under the gise of 'religious affiliations' and how many or much was done under other circumstances?
This needs to be thought about. Why club just one small and growing smaller group? Many are just as guilty. It goes on all over the place.

Now attacking cults that still enforce child brides for example,is fair. See - that child has no one to speak for her where this practice is allowed. Some brides pay with their very lives - due to the physical damages their bodies endure during the consumation of the marriage and also husband has bragging rights and his honor to up hold...and because their husbands are grown (sometimes much older) men who are barbaric towards woman in general so this is par for the course in their cultures.
This girls especially need our voices to speak up for them.

C Woods said...

Thank you for posting this. I cannot even imagine the horror of this kind of thing. I just read an article in "Freethought Today" about nuns behaving badly. One hears about priests all the time, but nuns have been abusive, too ---and not just a slap on the wrists with a ruler in parochial schools. Usually it was mental or physical instead of sexual abuse, although there have been cases of sexual abuse as well. The film "The Magdalene Sisters" was an eye-opener for me. On the DVD, there are interviews with real victims. I read several articles online as well. The fictional film is often criticized as depicting the nuns too harshly, but real victims unanimously say the film was too soft on the nuns. They were much worse than depicted. Women treating other women so badly, all because of perceived "sins." This is what religion does to people. Makes them judge each other and want to punish them. Or else it allows them betray the trust people put in them by committing their own "sins."