03 August 2009

Prisoners of a White God

I chanced upon this film which I felt compelled to post here. It is disturbing and illustrates why I consider religious indoctrination to be mental, social and psychological abuse. Watch how a community is slowly destroyed by men with rituals, fancy gowns, screwed up world views and a need to control.
Excuse the slight delays but as it is subtitled it does not take away from a sensitively presented film.

If you are unable to watch it now then I implore you to watch whenever and wherever you can - let me have your views.


askcherlock said...

I am saddened beyond comprehension at this compelling video. It produces so many questions regarding missionaries whom I have known to do wonderful things for those impoverished of spirit. But now I must ask, at what price? To take villagers, especially children, in the name of converting them, not only to Christianity but to empty them of native culture and to abuse them in unspeakable ways is kindred to murder of the spirit.

Thank you for sharing this. It will take much time before I can fully grasp the ramifications. Please...continue to share.

Theresa said...

Sad to say but the abuse of children is not what shocked or saddened me the most about this movie. I expected it. What bothered me the most is the fact that these missionaries seem to only help if they get something in return. I was always under the impression that if you are doing "God's Will" there are no conditions to the help. It looks as though the only way they will help the villagers is if they convert to Christianity which doesn't seem very Christian to me.

Orchid said...

I am so bothered by this, I'm close to tears right now. I'm so glad I found your blog, because now I'm motivated to do something, though I'm not sure how to approach it.

Judith said...

I am in a state of shock - not, sadly, because any individual element of the abuse shown is new to me. Rather because it is such a brave and sensitive film, and because one is rarely called upon to focus on such a variety of wrongs for an hour on end. And this compels one to realise that an hour is still nothing to the lifetimes that are being destroyed for the Akha. But as Askcherlock said, there are so many ramifications: religion, greed, lust,'business' - it is not a straightforward issue.