08 July 2009

Child Abuse - (2)


Robert said...

You've got that right...straight up child abuse! Zee, one of the things that we always have to keep in the forefront of our minds as that the human mammal, at its best, is only partly rational. Generally speaking, atheists and agnostics may not be exemplars for rationality...and far from it, but the difference between the believer and the non-believer is that we are aware of our limitations. They've convinced themselves that what they're hearing inside their heads is some type of supernatural uncreated spirit, whatever that means...and it's REALLY there! Indoctrinating children before they've had the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills is key to the perpetuation of the religious business machinery, but still should be considered a criminal offense.

Peace, Love and Critical Thinking,

The African American Agnostic

tstreasures said...

Every day I look at it this photo is more disturbing to me. I try to look at it and see something good but I just can't. While my eyes focus first on the child with the ripped jumper then I look at the child on the right whose eyes are so tightly shut as though if they aren't then he will be destined to hell or something. So sad.

MAC said...

That has to be one of the most touching pictures I've seen. God Bless you.

Eric said...

Stumbled on this photo via Google. Nice picture of children who know the thruth. Obviously this is not an islamic way of praying but a christian way. Too bad, Robert you appearantly don't know Your saviour yet. I feel sorry for you being so narrowminded that God can have no place in your thoughts. God is there, whether you like it or not. However You only want yourself on the throne of your life, so you decided there is no God and deny His existance. Well let me say this... He is still there. And He's waiting for you to step out to Him. have you ever had the guts to try, Robert? Have you ever really tried to contact God? Or are you just too afraid He might answer?

If you really are serious about "critical thinking", than you critically must admit there is no evidence whatsoever that God does NOT exist. The only thing you CAN conclude is that IF He exists,He appearantly doesn't behave they way you think He should do.

Robert said...


A few questions:
1) What truth(s) do you believe these children “know”?
2) What is a Christian way of praying?
3) How do you apparently know that I need a “Savior”?
4) How do you know what my narrow minded thoughts are?
5) Which God Eric? Your God? The God(s) of my African ancestors?
6) If you’re referring to your God; then why are you speaking for him? I’m growing very weary of all of you self appointed spokespersons! If your God is the one true God; why does “he” never speak for himself…out loud in “his” own voice?
7) How does one really try to “contact” a deity? DSL? Broadband? Two Progresso soup cans and some quality string?
8) Better yet; how could someone contact an entity that, by its nature, is allegedly omnipresent?
9) “…there is no evidence whatsoever that God does Not exist” Eric, that statement is too exotic to deal with here. By the way; did you take the blue pill or the red pill?
10) Why does your God, according to your bible, exhibit human behavioral traits? Did you guys make him in your image and likeness? Who really made who Eric?