20 November 2008

Prince Charles Quote

[I agree with a farmer in Cumbria who told me] "if we, as a group, were black or gay, we would not be victimised or picked upon".
Part of a leaked letter sent to Tony Blair in 2002, in which the prince (Charles Windsor) blamed the government for "destroying the countryside"
For all of you who revere the group of people in the UK known as the Royal Family - here is a quote from the 'Man Who Would be King'. An excellent example of why this undemocratic system of people succeeding to the highest position in the land based solely on who their parents are should be dismantled forthwith.

Would you want this unelected man, with these opinions, ruling over you?


Oli said...

Oppressing the oppressed. Gotta love it...

Anonymiss said...

I had to read that 3 times because I couldn't believe how anyone could be stupid enough to believe that.

Bent Society said...


I think Charles - less than the current Queen - does not see his birthright to rule as something divine and "God-given" as we are told the Queen 100 percent believes.

Of course he is spoilt, unworldly and over privileged....a bit like Tony Blair and George Bush then?

We elect privileged buffoons - but until that ends then in-bred royalty with no more power than a "king of fools" is not the big problem.

I suppose Royalty are nothing more than the pinnacle of the process of inherited wealth and position.

Does the son or daughter who takes over the family business think (at some level at least) that they are superior to the traffic warden?



very interesting. very sad.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately there is very little "ruling" over us involved. However I object to their over privileged existence, their hangers-on, their unbelievable wealth which they fight tooth and nail to preserve using some dodgy accounting practices. We've even had to witness his younger son ask the public to pay into his pet charity. How can they live their lives the way they do and expect the public to fork out for something they set up as a PR exercise.

I could go on and on, sorry. I am not a royalist, as you can see.

Zee Harrison said...

What a strange man!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think just like he does.

I know you can take my harsh opinions so here goes!

Charles and his mother are in the same bag. You take a penny or take a pound you are still a thief and they are sycophants living a grand life off the backs of the people.
Charles is racist. Not only is he racist but he is a pig-ignorant man who has no backbone or he would have stood up and denounced the travesty that is the 'Royal family'. Yet people still bow and scrape to them.
Generations to come will look back at this period in sheer horror. We actually think we live in 'democratic ' times - whatever that means.
As for Bush and Blair - those genocidal criminals? - they are in the same bag too.
All of the above people, and anyone who follows behind them, who props up systems which are designed to subjugate other humans should be denounced and removed from power.

Britain needs to abolish the monarchy and use the money saved to make a real difference in the lives of many.

As for the son/daughter inheriting v traffic warden. If someone who has inherited the family firm believes they are better than a traffic warden because of their inheritance then more fool them. It says more about the societies and our values than anything else.

Do as Benjamin Zephaniah did and tell those royals where to stick their stupid gongs (OBE's, CBE's etc.).
Johann Hari has written a great piece about Charles and the others. I'll find it and provide a link.

Thank you everyone for commenting!


Bent Society said...

Hi Zee

Every time the Royals appear on the TV, my partner (Mrs Hood) yells out about them being racists... I guess it’s harder for Black people in the UK to tolerate those with no merit lording it over everyone else as though it was their birthright.

Mrs Hood asks what the Royals would do if one of the young princes were to marry a Black woman. Don't laugh... because they'll do it if it means surviving. Obama will have made that just a bit easier. And boy would there be an outpouring of national positive sentiment towards these adaptable parasites then.

Makes you think though...a mixed heritage Prince. Don't think the Royal family are not considering this option. Because I bet they are.

Tom Usher said...

Hello All,

Are you positive that you are taking the meaning he intends?

I took it as meaning that farmers need protection rather than being treated poorly.

Isn't the prince rather forward thinking about the environment?

Being American, I plea ignorance about the dirt in Britain regarding him. What other things has he said that indicate to you that he is a racist?

I'm anti-racist but have appreciated Charles's position about organic farming and food, etc.

I know people can be environmentalists while also being racists, so I'd appreciate someone providing links to material that clearly indicates Charles is racist if such exist.


Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church

Bent Society said...


I don't think Charles is racist in any obvious sense. He does many things that suggest he is well intentioned and seeks to be thoughtful about diversity and tolerance (e.g. see: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/charles-in-row-over-police-racism-698915.html)

The problem is that we only ever see him with Black and Asian people when they are in national dress overseas or else visiting carnivals and chatting with those in "carnival attire".

Like most elite people he is out of touch with the common people. Even liberal attempts at tolerance can be out of touch with what "respectable" people demand of their own communities.

All of Charles’s friends are white. The Royal family are all white.

Here are two predictions on the Royal family (remember you read them here first) 1. In the Queen's speech she will announce her abdication and Charles will be crowned king in 2009 - what better way to distract us peasants from the financial recession.

2. In the next 6 years, one of the royal princes will marry someone who is Black, Asian or Mixed heritage.

Bent Society said...

Zee On my PC at home and on my PC at work I am being locked out of your blog site by Microsoft's Internet explorer browser. This has happened over the past few days. I think you may have added a "gadget" to your blog recently that is flagging up security worries. I expect a few people must be geting logged out everytime they reach your site.


Anonymous said...

The only thing I can come up with is "is it coz I's blue-blooded?" ;-)

However, whilst they cost too much, in some ways I prefer having a non-political Head of State, even thought that does come with the anachronism of their being unelected in a democracy. Can you really see Boris as Dubya? The thing I like about Charlie is his wanting to be defender of the faiths, so don't think of him as particularly racist, don't get me started on his Grandma though, ick.

The REAL Earl of Wessex said...

J or his "I'm going all slitty eyed" "do youy guys still chuck spears?" father Prince "the in-bred cousin" Philip.

Earl Godwin

Zee Harrison said...


Thank you very much for bringing the error to my attention. I had decided to add a super-whizzy comments thingy to this blog but it didn't work and created the errors you highlighted. It has been removed. Many thanks again!

Zee Harrison said...

Hopefully more people will begin to see them for what they actually are.

I agree. It is in my top ten pet hates of things that people tolerate.

Robin/Bent Society:
You made me chuckle! This is one big PR game and the power is actually with the people. If someone is stupid enough to want to marry into that family, regardless of their race, then bully for them. History is not in their favour. They will pull such a stunt, only the person will be described as 'cafe au lait' rather than 'blue-black'!! - would make it slightly more tolerable. Similar to how Barack Obama seemed more appealing to the masses by the promotion that he had a white grandmother and ancestors - so he wasn't completely 'one of them'. In any regard this royal family should be disbanded.

I think Robin/Bent Society has answered your point well (thank you Robin).

Charles is defending the faiths because the religions prop up the system of unfairness that is the Royal Family. The two go hand in hand. Religion and the monarchy - both fiction made forced onto the people as reality.
You may not think of him as racist but he is part of an institution which is exclusive, racist and ignorant. Platitudes don't work with me.

Do you mean by association?

Thanks to you all for contributing here.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Hmm, I actually don't get it. What is he trying to say? It is the fault of the oppressed that they are oppressed? Give me a break. It would be interesting if one of the Princes married a woman of color but I don't really think that will happen.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Prince Charles is famous for putting his foot in his mouth with his bizarre opinions. I certainly ignore the man, mainly because given his background, he is totally out of touch with the UK and also the world at large. I personally would retire the Royal Family because they are obscenely rich and it is us who pays them. They have no power and are really just figureheads. They don't rule us at all. That said, however, it is frowned upon to dismiss royalty; for example if I were to swear at the Queen I would almost certainly be universally chastised for my insolence (and possibly charged with something).

In summary, everything Charles says should be ignored or at best laughed at. Same with the rest of his family. The only problem is that many people in the UK DO actually listen to him.

My point of view is that a person, no matter who he or she is, has to earn my respect. And the Royal Family haven't. And while we're on the subject, neither has Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, George Bush or Barack Obama.

I do respect some people but comments like those of Prince Charles only strengthen my resolve against them.

saddlechariot said...

Isn't it sad that those who produce our food feel so excluded from modern society that they need to use Prince Charles as a mouthpiece.
This does not mean I agree with their assessment of their plight, or the opinions of their mouthpiece, it is just one more example of the divide and rule principles run by most western Governments.