30 June 2008

Now That I Don't Watch Television...

I have stopped watching television. In fact, the television I do have, a teeny tiny one, is gathering dust in the recesses of the-cupboard-I-mean-to-sort-out. I plan to sell it as I have no interest in it at all.
Every now and again I check into You Tube and there are some incredibly talented people creating films and animations out there.
Here is one that is 4minutes and 32 seconds long and in that short period has a serious message about our times. Created by Andrew Thomas Huang. Worth watching. Let me know what you think.

'Doll Face'


My Autism Insights said...

Wow, interesting and disturbing. I'm glad I found your blog!

The Socialite said...

I think that the film was great! I captured the essence of the effect the media has on people. Thank you for posting this.

Jacqueline said...

I must say I felt empty, alone, broken and sad when the film was over.

Who cares if we're left broken and miserable by watching and unconsciously imitating events which unfold on the screen...as long as the green paper keeps flowing, why should there be a reason to address ANYTHING?

Just one more case of...Another one bites the dust for those who profit from the media.

I believe when it comes to children, television should be outlawed.

Zee Harrison said...

Hello Everyone and thanks for responding.

After watching this film I just stopped. And then I watched it again.
I absolutely love your blog. I have one question: who supports you?

The Socialite,
You are most welcome. I think it is difficult to deal with complex issues in a simple way and this film manages to do just that.

You clearly understood it. I wonder if Mr Huang is aware of these reactions to his film. Very clever wouldn't you say?
I understand your sentiments.

Thank you all for dropping by and your comments are always most welcome.
Kind regards,