16 May 2008

Rev Dr Barbara Reynolds' Reply

Rev Dr Barbara Reynolds has responded to her critics by outlining her role in the Wright/Obama story/saga.

I was hoping that she would have responded to her critics on her blogsite, as this was where those who disagreed with her had made their opinions known.

I applaud her for writing this piece, 'My Motive For Wright Breakfast', but still feel she is not as open or transparent as she claims to be due to the fact she has deliberately removed the comments of those who disagreed with her. Of course she is entitled to do as she pleases with her blogsite - she can moderate comments in anyway she sees fit - but it smacks a little of insecurity and taking things personally. If all those comments were positive I suspect they would still be visible to the whole world. But they weren't. And they are not.

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Ralph Dumain said...

Reynolds is a total ditz, but there's nothing so far that indicates dishonesty. And apparently she doesn't find Wright an embarrassment. As for removing criticisms from her blog, what brilliant insights have we lost, exactly? Discourse in the USA is all he-said-she-said and none of it shows any real insight into anything. Both Obama's defenders and detractors are incapable of acting like anything other than Pavolovian dogs, so what do you expect? There are both defenders and attackers of Wright who uphold the black church, but no one in the public will criticize the black church or any other church as a retrograde institution. So all the chitchat is useless.