14 December 2010

Black Atheist: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Instead of watching the televangelists just take a  few minutes to listen to this wonderful educator.


Anonymous said...

I consider myself to be quite fortunate to be living at this moment in time. As he was speaking I wondered to myself; what would have been the fate of a gentleman like Dr. Tyson for espousing these thoughts, say fifty years ago, one hundred years ago, five hundred years ago? What would those Christians in those times, those Holy Ghost filled, Christ-like Christians, filled with love and compassion, have done to this brother if he spoke these words publically? Would the Catholic Church have honored him with a roast?

Then I thought about all of the magazines that saturate the newsstands that target Black consumers and I wondered; will Ebony or Jet or any of those publications ever feature Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on the cover of their magazines? What do you think? Thank you for posting this Zee!

Rob H.

Zee Harrison said...

Greetings Rob,

Thank you for being a regular visitor and contributor here. You comments and insights add depth and aid thinking.

I often think that living in this time of new technology, scientific developments and so on means we are indeed fortunate. Yet, Dr Tyson would not have reached the age he has 500 years ago.

On my way to spend Christmas with my family and was actually at a mainline station in London at a newsstand and your words came into my mind. I scanned the publications and the few that had black people on the cover were black publications (interesting) espousing the latest hairstyles, relationship tips, beauty and bling. Nothing about science, black people working in the scientific fields, no freethinkers - definitely no atheists. No one to challenge the views of those being promoted by big businesses/religions.

Rob, will things improve? Aren't we just enabling ourselves to be dumbed down and clouded by materialism into taking the road away from enlightment? We, people, black people, all people even, are not smart and when we do wake up the damage may be extremely difficult to undo.

People like Dr Tyson are out there and we should ensure their voices are heard. Not bling, not mindless mush, not religion but freethinkers who think and challenge us to understand more about ourselves, how we evolved and the yet to be discovered ahead of us.

Thank you, Rob.


Kay said...

I love how intelligent this man is. I am also interested in research on atheist and agnostics. Great post!

laBiscuitnapper said...

Thanks for this post. Dr deGrasse Tyson was one of those physicists who was always on Discovery channel and incredibly inspiring for me as a young black wannabe scientist.

I could ramble forever. Basically, he and Feynman are my top two guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zee,

Just discovered your blog through Greta Christina's list. Looking forward to poring through it.

Just a heads-up: Dr. Tyson doesn't call himself an atheist, and has actually stated that he'd prefer not to be identified as one. He calls himself 'agnostic', and while it represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the term, the man deserves to be called whatever he says he wants to be called.

Anyway, keep up the great work.