05 January 2008

The Hillary and Bill Clinton Show?

So Bill has leapt to his wife's defence after she placed 3rd in the Iowa caucus - what a surprise! Methinks it smacks of 'payback time' as stained blue dress and cigars jump into my mind.
She is now steadfastly for change and is a 'problem solver' - now it would be far too easy to pick at Hillary and denigrate her for having stood by her husband at a difficult time in their lives and so I won't spend too much time on that.
But, Hillary Clinton appears to me, as a British woman, as a consummate politician and for her husband to laud her with a quote attributed to Tony Blair, of all people, smacks of desperation and a lack of strategy.
How can anyone respect politicians? How can anyone happily go along to vote for any of the candidates wheeled out by corporate capitalists? Bear in mind the puppets pushed are usually those who will do the bidding of those who hold the moneybags. Is this democracy? Is this what a modern democratic society insists on?

Will Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination? In one sense I hope not. I suspect that America won't elect a black man as the figure-head of the nation - 'we're not ready' - just the same as it wouldn't happen in the UK. Maybe either of the other main contenders will at the last minute take the lead and win and then ask Barack Obama to be the Vice-President.
I think this might be preferable due to the economic recession which has started to hit the US. If you become the President after the Bush administration then you have to deal with the complete chaos left behind by an incompetent administration who has messed up the economy, reduced scientific advances, particularly into green alternative forms of energy and on top of that single-handedly created an environment where the rest of the world seems to be hostile even to the sound of an American accent. As the President you get it in the neck when you realise it is impossible to clean up the mess in the time given - as Vice-President you don't get smeared with the same stuff as you learn from the mistakes of the President and then you make your bid again next time round. That's what Barack should do. Don't get the job when the shit is hitting the fan - let it lie low, let someone else have a go and then you go again.
Do I expect that any of this will make any difference to the world? I suspect not.
Is the US ready to elect a person who happens to be defined as 'black' as a figurehead in such a polarised society?
Imagine that.

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